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      SEESAW NO.1

      Tucked away in a quaint laneway amongst white yulan flowers and sleeping cats of Jing’an, Shanghai, lives a peculiar place known as Seesaw. Here is where specialty coffee first emerged in China, bringing people of all shapes and sizes together.
      It is where a curiosity for the uncommon came into bloom.


      Seesaw is China’s pioneer in specialty coffee.
      We provide unique coffee experiences to the communities we serve.

      We started back in 2012 with a simple goal:
      bring together people from all over China through doing one thing and doing it to the best of our abilities: coffee.

      It began with introducing single origin to China. Then developing world-class baristas through Seesaw's training program, now an open program for the industry and finally, roasting our own beans and creating direct relationships with farmers.

      We're always striving for better.

      SEESAW NO.2
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